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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does scouting cost?

Pack 37 is fully funded by the bottle bin fundraiser at the Hanover Transfer Station. Outside of buying your first uniform, scouting will be free for the entire time that your child is a part of Pack 37.

What is a den?

As a Cub Scout, your child is a part of a group of children of similar age called a den. With his den, your child will build confidence and self-esteem and earn recognition. They will also gain a sense of personal achievement from the new skills he learns. Dens are usually between six and eight children with one or two parents who are the Den Leaders. Most dens meetings are held 2-3 times per month. Den meetings have games, outdoor experiences, songs, ceremonies and lots of FUN. The dens are as follows:

  • Kindergarden: Lions
  • First Grade: Tigers
  • Second Grade: Wolves
  • Third Grade: Bears
  • Fourth Grade: Webelos
  • Fifth Grade: Arrow of Light

What is a pack?

The pack is led by a Cubmaster and is made up of several dens. Your child’s den will meet once a month as part of the pack, typically on the 3rd Friday at 7pm. These meetings are a time for boys to be recognized for their accomplishments, and to have fun with the entire family. The pack will also hold several special activities each year.

My child is interested in scouting, but we already have so many commitments.

Pack 37 believes very strongly in flexibility. Siblings and families are welcome at every event that is run by our pack including den meetings. Meeting times for dens are decided by the den leader with feedback from parents. We try to allow for multiple opportunities for scouts to complete requirements and many can be completed at home as well. This allows us to have maximum flexibility for busy schedules with sports and other extra curricular activities.

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