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September Pack Meeting: Recycled Monsters

First thank you to all the Scouts and families who made our Cub Scout Carnival such a success. We had a great mix of familiar and new faces and have several new kids who are excited to join Cub Scouting so let’s hit the ground running! Our next Pack meeting, which is for ALL Cub Scouts and families, will be on Friday, September 27th from 7-8pm and our main activity will be making recycling monsters!

You, lookin’ at me? I don’t see anyone else here so you must be lookin’ at me.

The pack meeting starts with a flag ceremony and the scout oath and scout law. Then we will break into announcements and awards for scouts who have completed adventures. Once that is done we will break into our main activity. We are asking all families to bring in some clean recycled materials so the kids have lots of options for monster parts! It’s a fun activity to show how we can reuse things and what materials we don’t use we will have them sort out as this is a job most kids can help with at home. So hang onto those yogurt cups!

While this activity is going on we will have a parent/guardian information session for all the new families where we can go into more detail about how Cub Scouts works, how our fundraiser works, and talk about volunteering either as a leader or to help out at events. And whatever else you want to discuss! For those parents who have submitted applications we will have them and will be sending those to the district at the end of the month. If you have a completed application, please bring it in. And because we also ran out of applications I picked up a bunch more so we will have them there at the Pack meeting. Lastly if your boys (or girls) have friends who are interested have them come too! Uniforms for new scouts will not be required yet. We’ll talk about that at the meeting too.

Depending on timing we may have enough time to play a game, otherwise we will have our closing ceremonies.

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