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Tiger Hike is Scheduled!

Thank you to all the parents for the prompt reply.  The rain over the weekend was good for the lawns but not for our hike!  We’ve rescheduled for Monday, May 28th (Memorial Day) from 6-7pm with Thursday, May 31 from 6-7pm as a backup in case it rains.  Hopefully we won’t need the backup date!

Since we only have an hour I think it makes sense to hike at Forge Pond Park.  There is plenty of parking and several short trails that are accessible from there.  The French’s Stream Trail would make the most sense as it’s a half a mile to the bridge and back and the entrance is near a parking lot:

The boys will need to carry their own gear which must contain the 6 Cub Scout essentials:

  1. First-aid kit: adhesive bandages, moleskin, gauze, antibiotic ointment, etc.
  2. Water bottle: filled and large enough to last until it can be filled again
  3. Flashlight: for emergency use only
  4. Trail food: can be made as a den activity prior to hike or campout
  5. Sun protection: sunscreen of SPF 30 or greater and a hat
  6. Whistle: also for emergency use only

We will be handing out some of the mini first aid kits that we made at the pack meeting and we will give each of the families two emergency whistles.  One for the scout and one for the adult.  So parents just need to be sure scouts pack water, a flashlight, sun protection, and a snack.

If you can’t make the hike you are welcome to take your scout on their own hike and sign off on the requirements.  Everything is listed in the handbook.’re looking forward to the hike!

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